How to Clean Satin Heels

I heart satin heels!  But, they are not the easiest to keep looking fresh.  What happens if it your special satin shoes get mud or dirt spots?  Don't panic!  Although satin is a delicate material that can damage easily, you CAN do something to freshen them up!

1. You'll need some kind of cloth. Dampen it with cold water. Begin to blot the soiled areas with the cloth and dab in a downward motion.

2. You'll also need some kind of towel. Use it to dry the shoe immediately. Blot the moisture. Don't rub the satin as streaks could form. Never let satin shoes air dry.

3. If the dirt did not come off with the water, you can use hand soap. Add a tiny amount of soap to the damp cloth. Rub the cloth together to form a slight lather.

4. Dab the dirt or mud stains. Do not use the soap on clean satin. Rinse the cloth with cold water.

5. Remove the soap residue with the cloth by blotting the spotted areas. Repeat step 2.

Shoes: Cole Haan 'Ceci Air Rose' Slingback

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