Lets get nautical!

I decided to try this summer party decor idea from Martha Stewart.  This would be perfect for a nautical themed wedding!  It turns out adorable, but does take a lot of time.  Here's what I made:

It looks a lot cuter hanging, but I just didnt have time to take the photos.  Also I apologize for the photo quality, I was limited on time!

Here's what I did:

I bought grograin ribbon, drapery cord (the smallest available), fabri-tac permanent adhesive, yellow fabric paint marker.  And you'll need a ruler, scissors and patience with getting glue all over your fingers (and work area).

 I wasn't that happy with the ribbon I was able to find, so I decided to make some alterations.  I bought black and white stripped ribbon, then colored in the white stripes with the yellow fabric paint marker.  This was way easier than I thought!
I also made blue and white stripped "flags" but adding a smaller piece of blue grosgrain ribbon to a larger white grosgrain.
I cut all the ribbons into 4" pieces, applied the glue and folded them over the cord.  I spaced them out 1 - 2," I wasn't exact.  The glue is pretty tacky and sets fairly quickly, so I was able to easily move onto the next ribbon.  A small clamp of some sort may have made this a little more time-friendly.  But overall this was a very easy project, just time consuming.

I also bought some lanterns ate JoAnn Fabrics, they're currently 50% off!

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