Gramercy Mansion & Carriage House

Perfect for outdoor weddings, the Gramercy Mansion and Carriage House has beautiful grounds!  

The Gramercy Mansion is a beautiful B&B with 11 rooms boasting fireplaces, whirlpools, and antiques.  Built in 1902 and surrounded by manicured gardens, it has quite the romantic feel.  It's located in Baltimore County, on Greenspring Valley Rd., just north of the Beltway.  Its indoor/outdoor dining area seats 150 comfortably, or 200 with additional tenting. 

This dining area can be outdoors or indoors (walls up). 

Another view of the dining area.  This green area leads out to the gardens.  Melissa, a Baltimore bride, scouted out this location and decided to have her wedding at the Carriage House, a slightly smaller venue adjacent to the Mansion. 

This is the Carriage House courtyard.  The Carriage House can only seat 100, but its courtyard can accommodate more.  Melissa decided to have her reception here and tent it.  Brilliant!  French doors open up to the Carriage House dining room where you can set up food, gifts, and dance floor!


This is the area Melissa decided to have her cermony.  Lovely! 

 Photographs provided by Melissa.  Thanks and Congratulations!

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