Inspired Designer: The Garter Girl

I had the great opportunity to interview Julianne Smith, the creative genius behind The Garter Girl.  Smith makes her amazing garters just down the road in Washington, D.C.  She makes traditional, modern, eco-friendly and custom garters.

I had the opportunity to ask her: Why and when did you start your business?
I designed my first wedding garter in 2005 for my good friend, Brooke. She wanted the perfect wedding garter to fit her personality, but I couldn’t find it. So, I made it myself! After Brooke’s wedding, I started my stylish wedding garter design company."

So, what makes your garters unique?  
"My wedding garter designs are all about embracing the wedding garter tradition with a little style. This usually means usually using simple and stylish elements to make garters that are fresh and modern. Custom wedding garters are by far the most popular thing that I design. Most brides want a garter that is unique to them and their personality."

What is your most popular style garter?
Custom wedding garter designs are very popular, as many brides want a garter that matches them and their personality. From my stylish wedding garter collection this one  and this one  are the most popular."

What do you enjoy most about working with brides?
I like designing and creating something just for the bride that suits their style and their personality."

Do you have any advice to give to brides planning a wedding in the Baltimore/D.C. area?

"My best wedding advice is to have fun and to enjoy the process!"

 Thanks Julianne!

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