Bride's Jewelry - Custom Order

I recently finished working on a beautiful order for a bride.  She wanted something that went with her beautiful gown, but had the colors of her wedding party.  She also wanted something she would want to wear again.  We came up with using three gorgeous stones- prehnite, iolite and peridot.  I mixed them with a coin pearl and what I call "dancing pearls," which are side-drilled potato shaped pearls.  They create extra detail in the bride's bracelet.
I added briolettes to the bracelet to tie it in with the necklace. 
This necklace will look great with the deep V neckline of her dress.
Simple prehnite briolette earrings with pearls complete the look.  You can check out more of  my designs on my website.  www.alexandrawebbjewelry.com

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