Real Inspiration: Ashlea & Keith Engagement Shoot

I recently posted about this couple's beautiful wedding!  I then saw their engagement photo shoot and decided I had to share!  Also, I love their engagement story...
 Ashlea tells it, "The day we got engaged, I had a minor surgery on my foot. Keith had planned for us to take a walk in Gunpowder State Park and he seemed so excited about it that I couldn’t say no. So we went for a walk (limp in my case) in the woods and eventually ventured out to the middle of the river. When I got as far as I could go, I turned around and Keith was on one knee on a rock in the middle of the river. I can only hope someone was watching us."  What a great story?
The photographer for their engagement shoot was Tracy Detrich.  They chose to have Baltimore's Fells Point as their backdrop.  Charm City is charming!

Congratulations Ashlea and Keith!

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