Color Theory 101

Trying to pick colors for your wedding?  Try thinking like an artist!  Artists and designers know basic color theory- pairing specific colors together make each color "pop."   It sounds more complicated than it is and you can certainly benefit from knowing some of the basic ideas.  First, take a look at a color wheel:

Colors across from each other on the wheel are the most harmonious, i.e. make each other "pop."  For example, violet and yellow are across from one another on the wheel and therefor would be a very harmonious pairing.  Another example, see how much more the red-orange "pops" when paired with blue-green:

Further more, to combine 3 colors in harmony, called a triadic color scheme, move across the color wheel to form a triangle.  For example, pairing red violet with yellow green and yellow orange would be a harmonious set.  Take a look:

A split complementary color scheme uses a combination of the schemes mentioned above.  Choose your primary color, for example, yellow.  Then go across the wheel, purple would be its complement.  However, using the colors on either side of the complementary color, in this case red-purple and blue-purple create a split complementary color scheme:

Another option is an analogous color scheme.  Three colors next to each other on the wheel. I am very drawn to this type of scheme, see my jewelry for examples!

Take a moment to review these concepts, they aren't too complicated and are sure to help you create a great color scheme for your wedding!  By the way, you can pick up a color wheel at your local arts and crafts store.  If you ever have any questions about color schemes, let me know, I'd love to help!  - Alexa


  1. I am having the hardest time picking colors! At first I was going to do gold and white with purple uplighting but was told that was too plain. I was thinking of something really simple since I am getting married at the Walters. Now I am in love with purple, blue and white. The white would come in as different white flowers on the table. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Tamara,
    I would love to hear more about your ideas! I certainly could give you more suggestions w more details. Just remember that its your day and what might be "too plain" for some, might be "simply chic" for others. Also, keep in mind that its about balance...so if you have a more simple color palette, you can have more ornate details. It is difficult for me to envision the purple, blue and white together, but sounds like an analogous color scheme, which I do think turn out quite lovely. Email me if you would like to chat more about it: alexawebb@gmail.com