Interview with Felicity C Weddings (Part 2)

In case you missed it, you can find part 1 of this interview here.  We're learning more about professional wedding planning with Felicity Carmody, wedding planner and owner of Felicity C Weddings.  In a nutshell, Felicity, as a wedding planner, offers couples a stress-free wedding.  As she puts it, "Wedding planning is not what you expect.  No matter how many weddings you have been to or been a part of, there are so many logistics and decisions to be made that you don't realize until it is your own turn.  In my opinion, the process can feel like you are producing the Oscars.  Aside from the logistics, there are so many emotions, people and expectations involved- it can make for a tricky line to walk to please everyone.   I am a neutral professional coming in to be an advocate and resource for my clients in order to safeguard my clients' vision.  Every wedding is so exciting for me, my passion is planning events.  The number one comment I hear from incoming clients is that they have a hard time 'trying to remember what they need to remember' as the big day approaches.  I offer peace of mind that all their hard work is in good hands and they can enjoy their big day."  
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What do you think is the biggest challenge facing brides planning a wedding?

"The biggest challenge facing brides today is the overwhelming amount of bridal information out there.  What started as resources are now making some brides feel competitive or even insecure about their big day.  Don't get me wrong, I love to pour over bridal blogs and magazines but I don't like when brides feel like they have to live up to a standard.  I've had brides say that they either can't do this or they HAVE to have that because 'they saw it at their friend's wedding.'  I've seen brides unable to make decisions on details small to big because they keep seeing more ideas daily and it gets really hard to edit everything down to a cohesive & beautiful focus."

"On the flip side, a lot of brides are realizing that there are less rules which is very freeing.  One of my favorite ideas, cupcakes instead of cake, was unheard of even 5 years ago and is now at thousands of weddings each year.  Your wedding style is like the names you give your children- it should be unique to you, you have to love it because YOU have to live with it and everyone else can do it their own way."
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Have you had to be more creative in the planning process because of the economic recession?  If so, how? 
"Couples have always had budgets to stick to but the recession has definitely encouraged creative thinking.  Vendors have a larger responsibility now to really understand the vision of their client, to advise within their budget and overall to be a huge part of helping couples edit their vision.  Likewise, clients have a responsibility to be realistic in what they want, what they can afford and what they can 'DIY'.  That is why having a planner is such an advantage, we can read between the lines to find what clients are really seeking and utilize some 'industry tricks'.  For example, if a bride has her heart set a having a wedding cake, bakers can re-size cakes by width or height to reduce cost and then couples can supplement with a sheet cake.  Overall, making sure each detail has been researched and is necessary to the vision is key to budgeting a fabulous wedding."
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What advice would you offer a bride planning her wedding with out a professional wedding planner?

"Planning can become a full time job and it is essential to stay organized.  Stay focused on what you and your beloved envision for your big day and stand your ground with vendors.  Planning a wedding is a lot like buying a car or a house, arm yourself with what you like, what you don't like and be aware that you will receive a lot of unsolicited advice.  Lastly, trust your instincts and think about the guest experience."
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Do you have a favorite Baltimore or Maryland venue?  Vendor?
"This is hard because I love something special about each venue!  I have my favorite vendors on my website but to name just a few, I really enjoyed working with Swan Harbor Farm in Havre de Grace as a venue, Rev. Laura Cannon of Divine Transformation as an officiant, Sascha's Catering in Mt. Vernon and the ReadyLuck collective of photographers.  I love vendors who are as passionate as they are talented and I'm very grateful to have the pleasure of working with so many great Baltimore professionals."
Thank you so much to Felicity C Weddings for all of the valuable information!  We all feel like we can approach wedding planning a little easier now, whether it be seeking out a planner, getting a "day of coordination," or trying it on our own!  

You can find out more about Felicity C Weddings on her website.  Initial consultations are free!  Better yet, Felicity is offering my readers a special discount!  Contact Felicity by the end of this year (12/31/11) and references Inspired Details: A Blog for Baltimore Brides and receive a 15% discount on any package

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