The First Sign of Spring

Daffodils!  They're popping up all over Baltimore despite our freakishly cold weather!  Every time I walk out my front door they remind me...Spring is here!  So if you're having a spring wedding in Charm City, why not feature this classic spring flower?
Daffodils, also known in the South as jonquils, make great centerpieces.  They're also native to North America and are grown locally.  Using them in your wedding instead of importing other flowers reduces your carbon footprint, costs less, and gives your wedding the spirit of spring in Baltimore!

Keep the theme going.  You can order these personalized stamps at zazzle.com.  Mail out your save the dates or invitations with daffodil stamps!

Daffodils can also be mixed with other flowers for bouquets. Remember daffodils come in different sizes and colors, including white.

Lately I have seen a lot of fresh flowers on cakes and I love it!  However, Daffodils are toxic, so you don't want them around your food.  Instead use icing to create a sugar garden on your cake.

As your wedding favor you can send your guests home with a daffodil plant.  Every year they will think of you as it blooms!

Photos:  Centerpiece 1, Centerpiece 2, Bouquet 1, Bouquet 2, Bouquet 3, Daffodil Boutonniere, Cake, Daffodil Favor

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