Hot Time, Summer In Charm City

I recently did a post on rainy day weddings.  But, there is more to consider when it comes to Baltimore weather.  Our notorious heat and humidity!  Last summer, on the hottest day of the year, my mother got married- outside!  I was the maid of honor, holding the bride's bouquet and my own, squinting from the bright sun and watching beads of sweat drop from my nose to my chest.  Not a hand free to wipe the sweat from my brow!  In the photographs I look like I had been hiking in the rain forest.  My hair, that I had taken careful time to straighten, was frizzed out at the ends and slick at the roots.  I ended up to be pulling it back.  And my make-up? Long gone!

No one wants to talk about sweat, but we all do it!  Some more than others.  And if you are the bride, you are likely going to sweat.  You will be wearing a dress that can weigh up to 20lbs!  Not to mention the layers of tulle, your corset, etc.  Further more, being the center of attention and being pulled in multiple directions can lead to stress-sweat.
Here is a photo (source) of a bride before and after her ceremony.  I think she looks great in both, but clearly sweat was a factor.

So what can you do?
1. Stay hydrated.  Have a bottle of water with you as much as possible.

2. Have a friend act as your "beauty police."  You're attention shouldn't be on the shine level of your forehead, but your friends can.  She can let you know if you are starting to shine and give you some oil absorbing wipes to keep you looking fresh.

3. Take a break.  If you feel overwhelmed and overheated, try to take a time out.  Excuse yourself and take a few moments in front of a fan.  I've even heard of using mini ice packs (someone suggested sticking them in your bra), but i think sticking a cool pack on your neck for a few minutes could work wonders.

4.  Use the proper make-up.  Use mattifying moisturizer, water-proof mascara and eyeliner (they are usually the first to start to run when sweating), and light or powdery foundation.  And always have blotting papers on hand.

5.  Know your venue.  Where will you be getting ready?  Is it air conditioned?  Will there be fans?  My friend told me a story about a summer-time wedding in hot Charlottesville, VA where each of the bridesmaids brought huge floor fans to get ready with.  You want to keep everyone cool from the start!

6. A quick list of items to keep you cool:
- icepacks
- cool washcloth
- misters
- water bottles
- fans and mini fans
- blotting papers
- parasols

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  1. Great post! I need to keep all of these tips in mind for August!