Real Inspiration: Kristin & Chuck Engagement Photos

Borrowed Blue Photography shot Kristin and Chuck's Baltimore engagement session.  They got engaged in Paris.  Their story is so romantic, Kristin tells it:  "In November of 2009, I got to go on the trip of a lifetime to Paris, France with my (then) boyfriend, Chuck. We spent our days roaming the cobblestone streets, in and out of museums, and over indulging in french cuisine. Every night we would visit the park outside the Eiffel Tower sitting and watching the light show. It was so romantic and quite a sight to see. On our first day in Paris we toured the Eiffel Tower and afterward, stopped at a small stand selling crepes. I proceeded to order my chocolate banana crepe and hot chocolate failing to order a brownie for Chuck, who could have very well ordered his own but still swears they don't speak English over there!

He was really upset to find I had forgot his brownie and we actually fought briefly over this in the middle of Paris! He quickly forgave me but little did I know how big the role of a silly little brownie could be. On our last night in Paris after a long day of sight seeing, Chuck decides I still owe him a brownie from the stand at the Eiffel Tower. So i try to be a good sport about it grumbling only a bit, but ultimately bundled back up and made the trek from our hotel to the park in order to get his darn brownie. After all, I did owe him. 

As we were walking through the park holding hands and enjoying the last few moments of our trip together (me still grumbling about the brownie) he stops me and gets down on one knee pulling out a little white box from his pocket and asks me to marry him!!! I teared up and said YES! Then I giggled because not only could I not see the ring because it was pitch dark outside, but because the ring was upside down in the box. Chuck got up and slid the beautiful ring on my finger so I could see it and, still in shock, I immediately asked if he still wanted the brownie. It turns out he didn't and it was just an excuse to get me to this spot.
We had a good laugh and a nice romantic moment in the park watching the Eiffel Tower lit up in all its glory. We opted for champagne and creme brulee to celebrate instead of that darn brownie. We've since then decided that the groom's cake will be...a brownie cake...and that is the moment that started the beginning of the rest of our lives." ♥
Congratulations Kristin and Chuck!

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