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I have spent a lot of time looking at ideas for decorating my home.  I've been really inspired by Jonathan Adler.  In his "manifesto," Adler says, "we believe colors can't clash" and "minimalism is a bummer."  Many of his designs involve mixing bold patters and colors.  Adler also suggests mixing the "fancy with the frisky." Decor that is too formal will make you sad, however too much whimsy will leave you feeling less-than-chic.  Therefore you should "embrace a mix, pairing the chic classical foundation...with a layer of playful punctuation."  Here are some of examples of Adler's design:

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 After looking at Adler's work, have fallen in love with classic patterns in bold colors:

Imperial Trellis, Chevron Stripe, Greek Key, Damask

How can one incorporate these ideas into wedding design?  I went on a search to see what others have done before.  Check out some inspiring images:

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I love the bright yellow chevron table runner paired with pink chavari chairs!  Less keen on the denim "vases," but I do like the color and texture they bring to the table setting.

Photo Source

I heart chevron!  This print can be incorporated into anything, the invitations, the table cloths, the cake, the napkins...  Just have to use your imagination.

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Damask is such a classic print.  But, when done in bold colors or mixed with modern elements, the formality is taken down a peg and it becomes more modern and fun.

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I love this wedding!  First, what a beautiful bold color pallet.  Bright orange, hot pink, vibrant teal...  Then throw in a bold pattern, black and white stripes and, hello, chic has arrived!  I adore the small elements of black and white stripes- the groom's bowtie and boutonniere, the brides bouquet and dress.  It's important to incorporate a theme through out the wedding without overdoing it.  They certainly kept it balanced!

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This decor is fabulous.  Mixing pink, orange and fuchsia with bright white and a Greek key pattern is fantastic.  Also a well balanced mix, repeating the white on the planter boxes keeps the decor cohesive.  This is an example of an analogous color scheme.  Remember to consult your color wheel (or read my blog post on color theory) when choosing a wedding color pallet.
Photo Source

This wedding may be my favorite of them all!  I love how they used so many bold prints (stripes, trellis, dots) in different colors.  And they mesh perfectly together.  Although the prints are bold, they work well together because they all utilize white.  And, clear chavari chairs!  (Swoon!)  So much style in this wedding decor.

So what are some things we can take away from Mr. Adler and the inspiring photos?
1. Don't be afraid to use prints and stripes.
2. Use classic design elements in bold colors to keep a balance of formal and modernity. 
3. Use these prints and colors throughout the decor (and elements of the attire) to keep things cohesive.
4. Consult a color wheel to keep the color pallet harmonious.
5. The patterns don't all have to be the same scale.  Mix a bold wide stripe with a small dot, etc.
6. You're wedding should be your style, so if you want it to be bold and modern, go for it!

Happy Designing!

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