Get on [a Pinterest] Board!

If you're planning a wedding and you're not using Pinterest.  Get on board!  Seriously.  I assume that everyone has been using this fab inspirational/organizational/social website, but have discovered that many of you still haven't heard the good word!

So, huh, what's Pinterest?  Its a handy website (and iphone App) for collecting and sharing images/things you find interesting on the web.  You can label those images called "pins" onto different boards or pin-boards.  So instead of collecting images from magazines and trying to organize them in binder or scrapbooks, you can do it all online.  Better yet, you can share them with friends!

Much like Facebook or Twitter.  You can "follow" people and they can "follow" you.  The Pinterest homepage features a Pin Feed which allows you to see the recently added pins by those you follow.  You can then "like" (think Facebook), comment on, or re-pin those pins to your own boards.  You can even "tag" someone on a pin.  Come across the perfect bridesmaids dresses on Pinterest?  You can let your maid of honor know right away by "tagging" her in a pin comment or label.

So, scoot on over to Pinterest to "request" an invitation (or ask someone for one or just email me alexawebb@gmail.com).  But, be warned, its addictive and you may lose track of time regularly!  For tips on how to use Pinterest in your wedding planning, check back tomorrow.  More to come...

Happy Pinning!

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