Get Started and Organized with Pinterest

As I recently posted, Pinterest is a great tool for planning a wedding.  And like most things on the web, it is what you make of it.  (For basic information on how to use Pinterest, visit their help page here).

1. Create Pinboards with clear labels.  (Just as you would use tabs in a binder).  You can create an infinite number of boards, so get as specific as you need.  Examples: Bridesmaids dresses, Bouquets, Invitations.  You can then start pinning images from around the web (or already on Pinterest) to your boards.  You may want to create a "miscellaneous" board for pins that don't quite fit elsewhere.  You can always move pins off of that board in the future.

2. Install the "Pin It" button.  You can find details and instructions here.  It takes 2 seconds.  This will allow you to pull images from virtually any website.  This is a great tool when visiting wedding blogs for inspiration.    You no longer have to bookmark everything!  Pinterest will take the image (linking back to the website it came from automatically) and pin it to any board you'd like.  

Visit Roost to learn how to pin politely.
3.  Be sure to label your pins clearly.  Labeling is important for you and other pinners (including your friends) to find these pins in searches.  To get more into the intricacy of pinning and pinning etiquette, see this and that.  As you use Pinterest more, you'll see why this is important. 

4. Get creative!  Pins are just that, pins.  They can be removed, rearranged, re-pinned, etc.  So, feel free to pin "crazy" ideas.  Its all about inspiration!  Pins don't have to fit your budget, wedding theme, or any other limitation.  Anything you like is "pin worthy," so pin away!

Check back tomorrow for more Pinteresting tips!  Happy Pinning!

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