Warehouse Wedding Gowns?

These days everyone is getting into the bridal "game."  J. Crew, Anne Taylor, Anthropologie, and now... Costco.  That's right, Costco.  But, before you shake your head and close your laptop, take a look!
Costco has partnered with designer Kirstie Kelly to create a line of affordable gowns.  The prices range from $699 to $1,399 (comparable to Vera Wang's White collection, available exclusively at David's Bridal).  Kelly's gowns are usually priced $2,000 - $7,000.  They are available in sizes 2 - 24, a much better size range than Wang's White (sizes 0 - 14). 

The gowns aren't at any given Costo, they are currently traveling around the country.  But, they will be at the Costco in Columbia this August 18th - 21st.  Mark your calendars (and be sure to make an appointment)!  Columbia Costco - 6675 Marie Curie Drive - (410) 423-4050.

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