Interview with Balance Boudoir - Part 2

In case you missed it, you can find Part 1 of this interview here.  This is the second half of my interview with the girls over at Balance Boudoir Photography.  Rissa Miller, professional photographer, and Ashlee Riddle, hair stylist and owner of Up Do’s for I Do’s, have teamed up to bring you the ultimate boudoir photography experience.

What is a boudoir shoot like?
"As far as the process of a shoot, all studios are different, but at balance boudoir, a shoot is somewhat structured and lots of fun. You’ll start with getting your hair and make-up professionally done by a stylist from our partners, Up Do’s for I Do’s– the ultimate in supermodel pampering. Then you change into your lingerie and our all-girl team will instruct you though the shoot. We can meet you at your place, or a chic hotel/B&B – or you can come to our studio. At the shoot, we can supplies props, jewelry and fun wardrobe accessories like fans, feathers or gloves – but we don’t provide shoes or lingerie..."
What kinds of packages do you offer?
"We have packages for all budgets and styles. Our simplest package is an a la carte shoot with one look and one style of hair & make-up by Up Do’s for I Do’s; our most popular is the pin-up calendar that includes 12 changes of wardrobe and 3 changes of hair & make-up by Up Do’s for I Do’s. We also have packages with coffee table books, folios, leather-bound flush mount albums, canvas wraps and playing cards."

And what do most brides-to-be choose to do?
"It varies widely. Most brides do a look with their veil and a set of pretty white, cream or soft blue lingerie. But we’ve seen black lace, red satin, football jerseys, skimpy bikinis and Army camo, to name a few! Many girls choose to pose with something that reflects their fiance’s interests – like a guitar, uniform or playing cards. All sorts of things can be turned into sweet nothings at a boudoir shoot! Really, your imagination is the limit!"

But, what if I don't look like a model?
"Ha ha – even models don’t really look like models! They have a lot of help from stylists, wardrobe, lighting experts, flattering poses and computers. And so will you. With incredible hair and make-up styling by Up Do’s for I Do’s, articulate posing directions and expert lighting from the girls at balance boudoir and your own well-fitted and flattering wardrobe every woman can be made into a super model. Oh – a great pair of high heels helps too. And if those things don’t make the picture a homerun already, a little “digital surgery” on the computer by our graphic designer can clean up any flaw."

What if I'm shy?
"Most girls feel shy when they arrive for their shoot. There’s nothing more vulnerable than being undressed – and then photographed! But have faith, any good photography team can put you at ease and help you to recognize and celebrate your own beauty! At balance boudoir, we have all been on the other side of the camera, so we know how it feels and we completely get it. We are experts at lighting and posing, so we know how to make you look good and will show you images along the way to put your mind at ease. Seeing yourself as a strong, beautiful woman can take practice – but it’s in there! And if you still need a little more help at the shoot, we have a bottle of white wine waiting."

Do you also do other types of photography that a bride-to-be might be interested in?
"In addition to boudoir, balance and Up Do’s for I Do’s also offers “glam the dress” shoots. Basically, “glam the dress” is our fashion-fantasy spin on “trash the dress.” At a glam shoot, the girls from Up Do’s for I Do’s give the bride a fun fashion look of hair and make-up – perhaps it mimicks her wedding style – or maybe it’s more couture and edgy.. Accessories, flowers and cool locations round out the process to complete the fantasy. It’s a high end answer to trash the dress for any bride who adores her wedding dress and wants to celebrate all that silk, satin and hand beading. Some brides go goth or punk; some go earthy, others go bold with color. Usually we talk before hand and create a plan for the shoot. It’s a lot of fun! We’ve done glam shoots before the wedding day and created displays for receptions. We’ve also done them after – even once as a seven year anniversary gift, where a bride made her wedding dress sexy with fishnets and red heels for her husband!"
 You can see more of Balance Boudoir Photography on their website or Facebook page.

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