Interview with Balance Boudoir- Part 1

 I'm very fortunate that I got to interview the ladies at Balance Boudoir Photography!  I met Rissa Miller and Ashley Riddle at A Wedding Soiree a few months ago.  Miller, a professional photographer and Riddle, a hair stylist and owner of Up Do’s for I Do’s, team up to bring you the ultimate boudoir photography experience.  Simply put, they bring sexy back and in a classy way! 

A good way to understand the mindset of Balance Boudoir Photography is to hear about Miller's first boudoir photo shoot:

"My first boudoir shoot was over ten years ago when a friend from an exercise class asked me to shoot some sexy photos of her to give as a gift to her fiancé. We shot them on black and white film in her apartment. She had her hair and make-up professionally done first and she did three looks: one in a corset and garters, one in a plain black bra and panty set with her guy’s shirt and another in a tight guy’s undershirt with plain cotton briefs. We both had a blast and the resulting photos looked amazing.. What struck me though wasn’t just how artistic and gorgeous the pictures were, but how empowered my friend was by the images. She had so much more confidence. She even showed them to her mom, sister and female co-workers."

There are many reasons for brides-to-be and women to enjoy boudoir photography-
1. To have the experience!  "Boudoir photography is far from a just a new fad. The female form is the original subject of artists from the beginning of recorded time and was among the first subjects for photographers in the 1800s. Boudoir photographs are simply an extension of that history and is an art form every woman should experience for herself.
2.  You will feel gorgeous!  "Most ladies go into their shoots thinking it’s primarily a gift for their significant other. But they almost always come out realizing it was also a great gift to themselves. Women who have a boudoir shoot done take a huge step forward in personal strength. They feel better in their bodies and have more respect for themselves as women."
3. Pre-wedding is a perfect time: "For new brides, it’s a great way to document a very special time in life when you are transition from being an “I” to a “we.” Many brides have strict fitness, diet, and /or skin care regimes leading up to the Big Day and a shoot is a perfect way to show off all that hard work. And after all that – it is still a great wedding or anniversary gift for your fiancé or husband!"

My next post will get into more specifics about what the girls at Balance Boudoir Photography do.  They also help alleviate any fears you may have about your looks or shyness.

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